Mindcore open source solutions

We are a young entrepreneur business specialized in web solutions with www.drupal.org, www.jquery.com, www.wordpress.com and www.magento.com We develop any web solution:

  • portals
  • intranets
  • institutionals
  • e-commerce

We install and configure your VPS, Cloud or dedicated server in any host. We recommend Nginx, php5-fpm and MariaDB for the best performance.

We are proficient in many technologies, including virtual auctions, more reliable and light then most current bid sites today, which rely on AJAX technology. This is a good tech, But to auctions, it might overload the server, since each online user need to query the server every second! Imagine a server with over 1 thousand users? Too many requests per server. Using node.js, you can reduce the overload drastically, where each user will be permanentedly online thru web-socket. Contact-us for details and prices.

News! We can integrate your drupal site with Salesforce.